Anat Levin

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Qui nous sommes
Une asbl, pour quoi faire ?
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Anat Levin is a poet, writer, editor and a creative writing teacher. She has published poems in prominent literary magazines and daily newspapers in Israel and abroad. Her debut book of poems, Revolving Anna, was published in 2008, and won the 2008 Ministry of Culture Award for Poetry.
She was also awarded the 2002 Ministry of Culture Award for Emerging Poets and the 2006 ‘Poetry in the Streets’ First Prize from the city of Tel Aviv.
Her second collection of poetry Mouth to Mouth has won the 2012 Acum (The Israeli Society for Authors and Musicians) prize and was published in 2013. The book was awarded ‘The Rabinovich Tel Aviv Fund for translation’ and was translated into English and German. Her poems were also translated into Arabic, Spanish, Russian and Romanian.
Levin's first novel The Archivist was published earlier this year. The book was awarded a residency Fellowship at Vermont Studio Center, USA, 2013; Recipient of "A room of one's own" award (free writer's studio in Tel Aviv), 2014. The book has also won the Ministry of Culture Award for Fiction, 2014 as well as the 2015 Acum Prize. She resides in Givataim, with her husband, the poet Adi Assis.


There were a number of methods:
with a belt on your open palms if you came home late.
with a belt on your bottom if you fought with your sisters,
with a belt on various body parts (a random choice; a moment’s decision),
if you forget to do the dusting on Thursday before school;
if you accidently broke one of the stained teacups they brought from over there;
if you were caught wasting too much time washing up in the morning;
when you read a book (Angelique in Revolt, over and over) in the weak hallway light
after lights out;
(Tattling was always encouraged, the sister who tattled rewarded with candy,
an item of clothing, a little caress).
Worst of all was the slap, suddenly splitting the air, wounding the distance
between the hard hand and the soft cheek.
This required no particular reason.

(In Mipeh Lepeh/Mouth to Mouth, traduit de l'hébreu par Becka Mckay)